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Whitby Student Mitchell Mahoney

In Switzerland for a year....And he's home!

Click here to view Mitchell's blog! 

Mitchell Mahoney was selected as our 2015/2016 youth exchange student.  He lived in Switzerland for almost a year! (Home July 2016)  Rotary's Youth Exchange program provides opportunities for students to share their own culture and embrace a new one. Exchange fosters global peace, one student at a time.  Students gain greater understanding of who they are and their own in country the process.  Building world knowledge, tolerance and gratitude is what happens through the Rotary Youth Exchange program.   Read Mitchell's blog, see pictures, share his experience, watch the change.


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1. Is it the Truth?
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Rotary International News
Grant survey shows solid support for new model
More than 6,000 Rotary members in 154 countries reported on their experiences with the new grant model as part of an evaluation during the 2015-16 Rotary year. The results will help us improve the grant process and learn what impact the Foundation's global grants have on our areas of focus. Among the key findings: 90 percent of respondents support the grant model; 86 percent see it as an improvement over the former model. Grant activity and the average grant award continue to increase each year. Rotary members want more resources to help them apply for grants and design sustainable projects...
July 8th - 10th 2016


The 5th annual Whitby Ribfest was a huge success!  It's fundraisers like Ribfest that give us the opportunity to help our local and international community.  We can't do it without you!  The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise wants to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the weekend full of exciting entertainment, engaging activities, food, fun and more.   Your donations at the gate, participation in 50/50 draws and enjoyment of beverages and food help us give more to those in need. 
It takes a town to make a Ribfest village!  Gigantic thanks to our generous sponsors, dedicated volunteers and the tireless Rotarians for helping us help others. 
We invite you to join us again next year - mark your calendars for the second weekend in July! 
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Grandview Kids One Step Closer to New Headquarters

Thanks to a $50,000 Donation from The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise
Attendees of Whitby Ribfest received more than tasty treats on Saturday, July 9. They watched as the The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise renewed its commitment to Durham’s kids by presenting a $50,000 cheque to Grandview Children’s Foundation in support of Grandview’s urgently needed capital project.  Grandview Children’s Centre has outgrown its building and it requires modern purpose-built rehabilitation space to serve the 8,200 children and families in need now.
“The incredible generosity from the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise moves Grandview much closer to its dream of being able to help 8,200 kids with special needs and their families, and the 10,000 who are expected to need this help by 2031,” said Bryan Yetman, Chair of the Board of Directors of Grandview Children’s Foundation. “The Centre is bursting at its seams and we need help from organizations like The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise to meet current and future demands at a new, larger Grandview Centre Headquarters.”

We Paint Too!

In May 2016, members of our club have gave an old house a new look!  The Rowe House, the home of Whitby’s first mayor James Rowe, was built in 1856 at 1600 Charles St. It remained there until 1999 when it was set to be demolished.

Concerned residents rallied to save the Rowe House when Judith Barker and the late Town of Whitby councillor Shirley Scott created the Whitby Heritage Community Association. Working with the developer they managed to acquire a piece of land from the Town of Whitby to move the historic home. The developer poured a new foundation and moved the house to its current location at 301 Front St. W.

As a tribute the Ms. Scott, at the suggestion of Councillors Derrick Gleed and Elizabeth Roy, (both great members of the club) the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise agreed to prepare, scrape and paint the house as a community service project on May 6.



We are.....

Community.  St. Vincents Kitchen, the second Thursday of every month.  Whitby Sunrise Rotarians are hands on to serve.  But that's not all, Whitby Sunrise Rotarians are on hand in community projects all over.  Adopt a Road clean up every spring and fall.  New!  James ROWE House revitalization and the list goes on. 
Giving.  Little Footsteps, Big Steps.  Compelling stories of generosity and changing lives.  Weekly speakers inspire us. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will have peace.
Superheroes! The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise is full of everyday heroes full of fun with fellowship.  Join us for breakfast on a Wednesday morning and you'll understand more.  Click here to contact us.


A Fair View to Give

Fairview Lodge Long Term Care and Services for Seniors is a living place where "quality of life is enhanced through meeting each individual’s physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs. These needs are best met using an interdisciplinary approach, with professional leadership and support". Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise recognized the need for generations to come together and enjoy each others company in nature.  That's why, years ago Rotarian, Don Fleming, now a senior senior himself, tirelessly spear headed fundraising events to raise money and help build a gazebo on the Fairview Lodge grounds.  The fire at Fairview Lodge on October 27th 2014 didn't burn Don's spirit - or the Rotarian built gazebo - in fact, the gazebo was moved, revitalized and landscaped and now provides a sanctuary for residents and families to enjoy.  It's most fitting that a corner stone in our community, Don Fleming, is recognized for his enormous giving to help others, not just at Fairview, but all over our great town - Whitby.  This dedication rock can be found at the Fairview Lodge gazebo.


The Salvation Army Nourishes

Thanksgiving and Christmas will come and go but the shelves at the Salvation Army food bank will always need filling.  Food drives will help but the cooler months will see more of those in need visiting the Salvation Army in Whitby to get food for their family.  Did you know that food bank use is 25% higher then before the 2008 recession?  With that in mind, the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise presented a cheque to the Salvation Army to supplement food necessities for families and help fill the shelves with needed items.  Charlie Burns who heads the Salvation Army facility on Palace Street in Whitby, was emotionally grateful for the donation.  He sees and knows the positive impact the money will make on families right here in Whitby.  Do you want to help the Salvation Army directly?  Click here to donate.


WhitbySunrise club member extraordinaire, Steve Rutledge takes pride in helping those who truly need it.  His efforts dramatically affect the children of the tiny village of Hat Kham in Laos.  Although he needs no recognition, the story of how Steve founded the nonprofit organization call "Adopt a Village in Laos" and the impact it has made was highlighted in the August 2015 edition of the Rotarian magazine.  We are very proud of our members, they give BIG, locally in our community, and internationally.  Steve is certainly exceptional with his ability to give and care for others in a country where basic needs are the focus.  In Laos, water + schools = education.  In Laos 1,000 children in remote villages have schooling available because of Adopt a Village.  72.7% of the population in Laos is literate.  62.4% of the population in Laos lives in rural areas.  The tiny village of Hat Kham now has clean water and a toilet bank - children no longer have to spend their day sick and working to collect water.  Because of Steve and Adopt a Village in Laos, they can spend their day learning, growing and giving more to the world then they ever would have without the efforts of Rotarian Steve Rutledge - Great work Steve! Proud to have you as a member of our club. 



Press release - Whitby, ON  (March 2, 2015) As part of a National Immunization Day aimed at vaccinating over 172 million children under the age of 5 across India, a Whitby couple joined a Rotary International team of volunteers from Canada, Switzerland, Australia and the United States to give Polio vaccinations in rural India in late February. This team and others of international volunteers from Japan, Britain, Belgium and France joined local volunteers and health officials to carry out the two day national campaign.

Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise member, Brian Thompson (2014/2015 District 7070 Governor), and his wife, Karen, traveled with their team to Nuh, Haryana, India about 70 km from Delhi. Nuh is a predominately Muslim community which endures ongoing poverty and lack of basic public services.
The vaccination is administered by two simple drops on the tongue. Someone with no medical experience can provide this form of immunization. This unskilled form of vaccination is crucial to keeping polio at bay because so many more people can volunteer to administer it.
Karen Thompson, a retired nurse, commented, “Just two drops of vaccine and we can protect a child from polio.”
For the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise, community service is close to home and warm in our hearts.  Giving locally in our community is what we do best, but to many Whitby Sunrise Rotarians, Consuelo Dominican Republic feels local too.  Rotarian Bob Jarvest and many others from our club, venture to the Dominician Republic every year to give to those in need.  Bob, his wife Margaret, their daughter and granddaughter left our community in the cold of January 2015.  They arrived in the warmth of Consuelo, Dominician Republic with 12 bags, each weighing close to 50 lbs containing clothes, shoes, tools and laptop computers .  Not to mention a wheelchair and a walker.  What airline let’s 4 people take twelve, 50lb bags?  Well Westjet of course.  They seem to understand the value of humanitarian service.  As Bob says “God bless WestJet” 
During one of the coldest weeks of the Winter of 2014-15, two Rotarians, Tom Fitzsimmons and Mark Wittgen, from the Whitby Rotary Sunrise Club traveled to Consuelo, Dominican Republic to assist Bob "Roberto" Jarvest.  This was not your typical fun in the sun vacation.  They spent the week, distributing clothing, installing and repairing swing sets.   Distributing water filters for the next crew traveling down which includes Diane Allen, Jenn Fry, Peter Gorham and Kate Piggott-Babony with the remainder of the instructions provided later in March by Linda Raney.
During his seven days in the sun, Mark kept a journal of his activities and experiences in the Dominican Republic.
Every month, on the second Thursday, the Rotary Sunrise crew volunteers at Durham Outlook For The Needy - St Vincent Pallotti's Soup Kitchen. The crew consists of Rotarians, spouses, family, friends and colleagues. All come together with one common goal to create a healthy, tasty meal for our members of our community who are less fortunate. 

Thursday February 12th, 2015 was another successful dinner service at St. Vincent Pallotti's Kitchen, an extra special Valentine's Day one! We have such amazing, talented and dedicated volunteers that prepared a fabulous spaghetti & homemade meatball dinner for the guests at St. Vincent's. With fresh garlic bread too! Thank you to those who take the time out of your day to serve our community. And a BIG Thank You to everyone who donated their time, ovens and decorations. Special thanks to Petite Thuet bakery for the fresh bread!

Happy Valentine's Day!




Every month, on the second Thursday, the Rotary Sunrise crew volunteers at Durham Outlook For The Needy - St Vincent Pallotti's Soup Kitchen. The crew consists of Rotarians, spouses, family, friends and colleagues. All come together with one common goal to create a healthy, tasty meal for our members of our community who are less fortunate. 

Thursday October 9th, 2014 was another successful dinner service at St. Vincent Pallotti's Kitchen, an extra special Thanksgiving one! We have such amazing, talented and dedicated volunteers that prepared a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner for the guests at St. Vincent's tonight. With roast turkey, potatoes, homemade stuffing, squash and apple soup and all the trimmings. Thank you to those who take the time out of your day to serve our community. And a BIG Thank You to everyone who donated their time, ovens and decorations. Special thanks to Stroud's Farm for donating all the vegetables!

Happy Thanksgiving!




June 19th 2014 was a special day at Windreach Farm.  They celebrated 25 years of giving to the community.  Many of Windreach Farm supporters gathered for the celebrations and the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise was there to celebrate with them.  It's fundraising events like our annual Ribfest in July and Savour the Flavour in February that give us the ability to help others in a big way.  Watch this video to see how valuable Windreach Farm is to the community and thank you to everyone for supporting us so we can give more where it's needed.







ImageThe Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise gives big in our community.  Many organizations benefit from the fundraising activities carried out by the dedicated members of this club.  The three top fundraisers include the annual Ribfest held the second weekend every July, Savour the Flavour held before Valentines Day in February, and Charity Bingo at the Delta Bingo hall.


On February 7, 2014, Rotarians from Whitby escaped the frigid grip of winter and flew to the Dominican Republic for an unforgettable week of experiences.  This group of twenty individuals included members from both of the Whitby Rotary Clubs as well as a number of spouses and friends.   

This trip offered the opportunity to combine the volunteer efforts of distributing food, clothing and school supplies with a two day hike to the peak of the tallest mountain on the island, Pico Duarte.


On the second Thursday of every month all year long, Team Leader Jane Thuet rallies the volunteers at St. Vincent Pallotti's Kitchen, 51 King St. E. in downtown Oshawa.  St. Vincent's provides low-cost meals to people in need.  The morning crew arrives early to set up, cook and prepare the dining area for the evening meal for between 140-200 people.  All of the meals are made from scratch with donations from local businesses and Feed the Need Durham.  Starting at 3pm the afternoon crew arrives to serve meals to the Kitchen's patrons.  Much fellowship is created within the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise and all the many Friends of Rotary who are always willing  to lend a helping hand.




Join us at the

Third Annual Polar Plunge - December 27, 2014

History......last year December 28th was a chilly but sunny Saturday on the shore of Lake Ontario, for the second annual Polar Plunge. 70 people, young and old, prepared inside Heydenshore Pavilion to brave the wavy waters.  Under the watchful eye of Med-vents we headed down to the beach and readied ourselves physically and mentally for the Polar Plunge.  The winter of 2013-14 proved to be one of the coldest in the recent past and created a water temperature cooler than last year's Plunge.  The waves were rolling in as the horn sounded for the Plunge to begin.

After the Plunge the smiling and shivering plungers enjoyed Chilli Dogs and warm beverages prepared by the amazing Rotary Sunrise Event Crew. The monies raised at the Polar Plunge will help the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise with local community projects in Whitby and Durham Region.

See you on December 27th 2014! Join us and check something off your bucket list! Click the menu item to the left to register.




Steve Rutledge - member of The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise - sends his thanks.  Below is an edited version of an email he sent while in Laos.

"We, are pleased to present photos of Lao families member receiving a water filter system, in our ongoing distribution (and hygiene training) in the northern region of Luang Prabang province in Laos.  In this round we distributed 275 systems, with a total of 525 for the year.  THANK YOU!  The three water filter photos below are as a result of the District Matching Grant.  We were able to purchase 13 water filter systems and will begin the main water project in Phonesavanh in the coming weeks. 


Rotarian George Punyaprateep, That's what! George is a dedicated philanthropist whose drive never ceases to amaze us. His projects in Thailand, while centred on education, have a double feed the students. His latest project involves aquaponics, basically a marriage of aquaculture and hyrdoponics to assist the development of students and offer a new farming alternative to the villages throughout northern Thailand.  Follow the link to learn a little more about his amazing projects.



During a recent meeting, we were honoured with the presence of Victoria Kehoe from Distress Centre Durham.  During our summer Ribfest, their amazing team cooked and served hotdogs, hamburgers, back bacon and other goodies to the Ribfest guests.  As a result of their hard work, Victoria was presented with a cheque for the proceeds. Victoria taught us about their critical programs including crisis management and suicide prevention services.  



Take a look at the fantastic work being done in the Dominican Republic by our very own Bob Jarvest and his amazing wife Margaret, along with a host of Whitby Sunrise Rotarians.  Special Thanks to Rob Morton for providing content to this update.  For more, click on the link below.




Dianne McKenzie, Executive Director visited our Club this week to receive a cheque for the proceeds from the Dunk Tank they operated at the Whitby Rotary Ribfest.  Here is what Dianne had to say. 



The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise would like to thank everyone who had a part of making our second annual Ribfest a huge success. We could not have done it without our amazing sponsors, dedicated volunteers and all those who joined us to enjoy the sunshine and fun at Victoria Fields.

Early calculations are that 50,000 people walked through the gates between Friday July 12 and Sunday July 14. 

Check out the Fundraising page for details and photos from the amazing weekend!







Our annual dunk tank up and running at the 2013 Spring Fair! 

Click on our Fundraising page for additional details on how we have fun raising money in and for our community.






Welcome to our Club!

Welcome to our Club!

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