Performing at 2018 Savour the Flavour


Eric Lambier



Savour the Flavour 2018 will feature Monte Carlo Entertainment




What does it cost to participate?

Your $85 Savour the Flavour ticket price includes $100 of Funny Money. 

How does this work?

With your ticket you will receive $100 of Funny Money at the event, which will be exchanged at the tables for game chips. 

What do you need to play the Monte Carlo Games?

To play any of the games you need game chips.

Where do I get game chips?

Go to any Monte Carlo table and exchange your $100 of Funny Money for 10 game chips.

What if I run out of chips and want to keep playing?

If you run out of chips and want to keep playing, in order to receive an additional $100 of Funny Money (which you then exchange for chips), you make a donation at the Rotary Donation Table. The recommended donation amount is $20.

Finished playing or not participating? There's still prizes to be won!

When you have finished trying your luck at the tables (or if you haven't participated), simply exchange your Funny Money or game chips at a game table for prize tickets! You will receive 1 prize ticket for every chip or 10 for $100 of Funny Money.

Prize Draws

All prize tickets will be put into a drum and draws will be announced throughout the evening. You will have an opportunity to win 1 of 6 prizes.


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